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Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

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2016-17 Shelter Season (Ages Served):

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A letter from our Director regarding the 2016-17 winter shelter season...

We’ve had an incredible winter shelter season and you’ve helped to make that happen!  During the coldest winter since 2012, we’ve provided nightly shelter, hot meals and day center services to men, women and families experiencing homelessness.

While this season’s goal was to remain open through April 26th, our current budget and funding will only allow us to provide overnight shelter services up through the morning of April 2nd.

Currently, our day center season is scheduled to run through the end of April.  If grant requests prove to be fruitful, we will look to extend those services past April and will provide an update as we know more.

The end of our winter shelter season brings sadness but also many success stories.  We continue to learn every day, grow an amazing program and bless hundreds of people along the way.  When our winter shelter season ends on April 2nd, we will have provided 133 nights (nearly 4-1/2 months) of stability to those experiencing homelessness.  That’s 133 nights of hot dinners, warm blankets, heated spaces, caring volunteers, the most amazing staff any program could hope for…and 133 mornings of hot breakfast to warm bellies as they head out into the elements once more.

I couldn’t be more proud of this program, the resilient individuals we serve and our community who makes this all possible.

From the bottom of my heart…thank you.

Jennifer Kirk

During the 2016-17 winter shelter season, we served 111 individual people (70% identifying as male and 30% identifying as female) and provided 133 nights of shelter, hot meals and a supportive environment.