Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

Working together. Helping people get home again.

‚ÄčAre you in need of shelter?  Please call or text (425) 773-2874

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Sharing food is a wonderful way of connecting with people!

We have been blessed with hundreds of volunteers who provide hot dinners and healthy breakfasts for the people we serve. We couldn't do it without you! Individuals, families, neighborhood groups, coworkers, youth groups, and congregations have all donated meals.

Update Aug. 17, 2021

While we welcome and depend on your delicious meals, we also want to keep everyone safe, so are not able to have our wonderful volunteers serve the meals at this time. Plan on handing meals off to our staff members, who are there at the shelter 24-7 and will heat everything up to safe temperatures or keep things cold and cook or serve the meals.   Dropping the dinner meal off by 5:30 each evening allows us to serve dinner promptly at 6:00 and having the breakfast items dropped off by the evening curfew, at 8:00 p.m., allows us to prepare breakfasts in the morning without disturbing sleeping residents with food deliveries.  As soon as protocols return to normal, we will notify everyone.