James Simmons​ (he/him)​, Assistant Program Manager

Trissa Dexheimer ​(she/her), Operations Manager

James has spent the last 10 years chasing his dreams of helping people in need and following in the footsteps of his hero, his late mother.  He worked as an Emergency 9-1-1 Dispatcher for 6 years, helping people in their most immediate time of need.  After this amazing career opportunity, he was gifted the opportunity to travel with his mother during her ongoing battle with cancer.  She was a huge part of his life and an example of what a truly selfless person is.

James recently relocated to Washington, to follow in her footsteps of helping people in need and giving back to the community. James also spent a large portion of his life in Anchorage, AK where he saw firsthand the effect homelessness has on people in extreme climates. His recently acquired role with SVSS was a perfect transition into the dream of what he wanted for his future, allowing him the chance to help people in need and give back to the community.

In his personal life, James is the epitome of a family man!  He has five wonderful children with whom he enjoys life during his down time.
As an agency co-founder, Jennifer has a deep passion for connecting with those experiencing homelessness. Having worked in most areas of sheltering, from overnight staffing to volunteer work to management, stepping into the role of Director in 2014 was a natural fit.  Additionally, her case management background brings about the ability to navigate through the most challenging of situations with our clients.​  During her time as Director, Jennifer has worked to connect with the larger community, local businesses, faith organizations and government agencies.  This includes nurturing an environment of partnership, investment and cohesion between our neighbors, whether housed or un-housed.​  Her passion lies in the relational side of social service and in helping people find their way home.

In her personal life, Jennifer enjoys time with family and friends.  She loves to read, work puzzles, cook a good meal, practice meditation/yoga and walk through our beautiful valley scenery.  Prior to her time with us, she was a Real Estate Broker.
Trissa works behind the scenes to keep all SVSS’ ducks in a row. She is responsible for the administrative side of SVSS and, most importantly, grant writing. She also has a strange fondness for writing policy & procedure and creating spreadsheets and checklists.  Trissa knows that a well-organized agency allows direct service staff to focus on their mission and believes nothing is impossible with a good filing system and label maker. Her creative thinking challenges assumptions about what is possible.  Trissa takes pride in her role as a co-founder of Snoqualmie Valley Winter Shelter. A lifelong volunteer, Trissa has served as a VISTA (domestic peace corp) in Seattle and Portland. 

When not engaged with saving the world, Trissa likes to escape to the Middle Fork or hang out around the campfire with friends and family. If the weather isn’t great, she likes to play board games and research her family history.  Trissa holds a BA in Geography from the University of Washington.

Kate Mueller​ (she/her)​, Development Manager

Gabby has been with us since 2016. She was born and raised in the Snoqualmie Valley and is passionate about our community.  Gabby is part of the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island. She has worked with our local tribal communities both in the Snoqualmie Valley and the greater Seattle area. Her understanding of native cultures and people has made her an important asset on our team.

Her love of kids has also led her to work with youth in the Wrap Around program at Friends of Youth, and as a counselor at the Snoqualmie Tribe’s summer camp for tribal youth.  Gabby’s energy, easygoing nature, ability to get along with anyone and everyone, and desire to advocate for people until they are able to advocate for themselves has made her someone that we can’t do without; nor would we want to! 
Kate brings extensive marketing, business development and program management experience to the SVSS team.  As our Development Manager, Kate is responsible for managing fundraising activities, submitting grant proposals, and assisting with marketing and PR efforts.  Her ability to create and foster relationships, in addition to her love of research and writing, will enable her to build strong donor relations and successfully drive fundraising efforts.

Native to the Seattle Eastside, Kate believes it is a privilege to live in such a special part of this country.   She is passionate about serving the marginalized people in her community and is grateful for her role in supporting our neighbors without homes.

Outside of work, you can find Kate enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three boys. They enjoy camping, hiking and skiing together, as well as family game and movie nights at home. 


Alex is a recent graduate of Western Washington University. In his undergrad, he spent immense amount of time teaching and learning alongside young students from 3-18 years of age, disabled students, and children with Adverse Childhood Experiences. His experiences at university convinced him to value lifelong learning in every facet of his life.  Through his life he has learned the value of reciprocity not only in relationships but in a life journey. He does his best to succeed in evolving his personal education to fit the needs of his professional environment. Alex has had the privilege to learn and study the effects of global industrialization and environmental disturbance. He believes poverty and homelessness is a problem that has to be solved at the intersection of many social justices.

In his personal life, Alex loves to connect with friends and family. He loves to travel and expand his worldview. Cooking vegan food is his favorite free time activity, along with gardening, reading, snowboarding, hiking and enjoying art. 

Jennifer Kirk​ (she/her), Executive Director

Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

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Gabby Burrell​ (she/her)​, Program Manager

Alex Caldwell (he/him), Housing Case Manager

Working together. Helping people get home again.