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Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services

Are you in need of shelter?  Please call or text 425.773.2874

We're expecting some serious snow and cold temperatures over the next week!  To ensure the safety of those living outdoors, we will be opening a daytime warming shelter from Feb 8-17, 2019.  If conditions improve, our schedule may be adjusted.  Please visit this site often for updates.  Below is a list of our current dates and locations.

None of this is possible without the generosity and support of our community.  What do we need most?  Money!  It will cost us about $350/day to run the daytime warming shelter and our budget doesn’t cover this.  Visit our DONATION link to provide funding for this important cause.  We have also included a link HERE if you're interested in volunteering your time and have outlined below other ways to help.

Note:  Our night-time winter shelter is currently located at the Sallal Grange in North Bend and is open every night from 8pm-8am.


The Sallal Grange is located at 12912 432nd Ave SE, North Bend

The American Legion Post is located at 38625 SE River St, Snoqualmie


Friday, Feb 8th

American Legion Post   7:30a-2p

Sallal Grange   2-8pm

Saturday, Feb 9th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Sunday, Feb 10th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Monday, Feb 11th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Tuesday, Feb 12th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm            

Wednesday, Feb 13th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Thursday, Feb 14th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Friday, Feb 15th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Saturday, Feb 16th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm

Sunday, Feb 17th

Sallal Grange   8am-8pm