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What is Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services?
Snoqualmie Valley Shelter Services empowers homeless men, women & families to reclaim their lives.  We provide respite, nutrition, safety and shelter in a setting where self-confidence is restored, hope is discovered, and a new future begins. Our original winter-only shelter opened in 2012 in response to the increasing numbers of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community. 

What services does SVSS provide?
SVSS addresses the basic needs of some of our community’s most vulnerable men, women and families who are experiencing homelessness. SVSS helps these individuals and families find stable housing and empowers and equips them with the tools to be successful.  

Our shelter in downtown Snoqualmie serves 10 adults year-round. The shelter can expand to 15 beds during major weather or smoke events. We begin by meeting people where they are, providing for basic needs including safety, 24/7 shelter, nutritious meals, showers, laundry, and clean clothing. We provide resources and referrals to social services, medical care, legal and financial aid, housing, and employment.

We also provide motel vouchers which allows singles and families to stay in motels while working toward stability.​

Who does SVSS serve?
We serve men, women and families. Those we serve range from infants & children to young adults to seniors and represent diverse backgrounds in race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, education and life experience. Many struggle with disabilities and behavioral health issues. Some are veterans and some are fleeing domestic violence situations.  We also serve those struggling with substance abuse issues and many are long term and/or chronically homeless.

How do people become homeless?
Each person’s story is unique, of course. Experiencing a life crisis without financial or family support can land almost anyone out on the street. Common issues include domestic violence, a major illness or accident with no medical insurance, extended unemployment, drug or alcohol addiction and mental illness. Those seeking housing face many barriers: high rents, lack of subsidized housing in their own community, credit problems, previous evictions, mountains of paperwork, lack of identification and the challenge of communicating without an address or phone number.

What do people do at SVSS?
Individuals and families find resources for social and health services, benefits, and housing and employment within a community of support. They can take a shower, do their laundry and get a hot meal. Through consistent support, they often learn to accept personal responsibility and strengthen coping skills. At SVSS, men, women and families find safety from the streets, tools to help them find resources, activities to help them take their minds off their troubles, and companionship.

Where do people go when they can’t get into a shelter at night?
Some stay with friends or sleep in their cars. Many remain outdoors instead of leaving the only community they know to access shelter outside the Snoqualmie Valley. Through the generous donations of local faith organizations and individuals, some are able to rent a hotel room on a limited basis.  While we are a behavior-based program, no one has ever been turned away for lack of space.

How is SVSS funded?
SVSS receives funding from individual donors, foundations and grants, fundraisers, congregations, city partnerships and county government grants.  See the Our Funders page for additional information.